Gordon Shand and Phil Hyde  Gordon Shand and Phil Hyde

15 - Team Shand Racing

Rider: Gordon Shand

Resides: ...

Age started racing: ...

Favourite racing circuit: ...

Career highlight: ...

Hobbies: ...


Passenger: Phil Hyde

Resides: Leicester

Age started racing: 36 on Solos and 38 on sidecars

Favourite racing circuit: Isle of Man TT But Spa a close second

Career highlight: 2006 F600 solo Derby Phoenix mcc Champion
7th at TT 2014
3rd in World F2 Trophy 2014

Hobbies: Love spending time with my wife and little boy. Like building classic bikes. Also instruct at the Ron Haslam Raceschool at Donington Park. Helping people possibly realise their dream of going racing.

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