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Motor Trend on Demand offers increased sidecar viewing for fans


The new on-line channel launched by TEN (The Enthusiasts Network) earlier this year has expanded its Motorsport content to include a vast range of motorcycle disciplines ranging from World Motocross, Indoor and Outdoor FIM trials Championships, Speedway, Superbike National series from around the world, and most importantly for fans of three wheels, the British AND the World Sidecar Championships.

On demand television is fast becoming THE way to catch your favourite programmes at any time of day or night, on any device with internet access whether it be your mobile phone, tablet or smart TV.

In our busy lives, to sit and watch a conventionally scheduled TV programme is becoming increasingly hard and many people are already recording shows to watch at a more convenient time.

Well now, you can switch on wherever you are and get your fix. Motor Trend on Demand is just one of the viewing options now available to Hyundai Construction Equipment British Sidecar Championship fans, and will also offer you over one hundred motorsport events from around the globe.

Subscription is cheap and easy. Check out and go for it.

For $5.99 per month (the price of a pint of beer) you can watch the Birchall Brothers as they decimate the opposition in the FIM Championship, and the antics of the British crews trying to wrestle dominance from Tim and Tristan Reeves.


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Ben and Tom Birchall

Ben and Tom Birchall

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