British F1: Watch Molson British Sidecars on Quest live

British F1: Watch Molson British Sidecars on Quest live

British F1: Watch Molson British Sidecars on Quest live

Sidecar action from Brands Hatch

WATCH SIDECARS LIVE ON QUEST. That’s right, the British Sidecar Championship first race from Thruxton will be live on Quest at 17:30 today (Saturday 31st July) as part of the full BSB showing. Make sure to be there or click on that record button to watch the action later.

Photo credits: Jenny “Triker” Wells

British F1: Birchalls prove hard to beat in Kent

British F1: Birchalls prove hard to beat in Kent

British F1: Birchalls prove hard to beat in Kent

Race 2 - Birchall Racing win

A slightly smaller grid than normal due to a World Championship clash with Assen and one or two Covid related absentees, did nothing to detract from the quality of racing at Brands Hatch. The recent heatwave had abated slightly, but free practice was dry and warm, with the Birchall Brothers picking up where they left off at Oulton Park. They were over a second faster at the head, with Tommy Philp/Tom Bryant and the Christie Brothers close together and chasing. John Holden’s machine caught fire, damaging his feet in the process, but the BSB Marshalls did a great job extinguishing the worst of the flames.

Qualifying – The weather had cooled and clouded over for the one and only session. This would suit some and not others, but the Birchalls were on a mission from the word go. The Haith Honda was flying, and they banged in an early time two seconds ahead of the chasing pack.

They were not to be headed, and pole position was theirs for the taking. Tommy Philp/Tom Bryant, along with Sam and Adam Christie looked to be the most likely challengers, and there was nothing to choose between those two crews with ten minutes left on the clock.

Race 1: Philp/Bryant and Christie/Christie

Scott Lawrie/Shelley Smithies looked strong in fourth, as Lewis Blackstock sat in the pits. Three minutes to go and Blackstock had re-joined, moving fourth, with Tommy Philp and the Christie brothers closing the gap to the Birchalls to one and a half seconds. It was shaping up to be a four-horse race, with Scott Lawrie still in with a shout. Rupert Archer/Phil Hyde improved dramatically to record their best qualifying for a while as they claimed sixth fastest nearly four seconds back.

Race One – Race-day finally dawned wet and windy, but with the Saturday race postponed to Sunday lunchtime, conditions were virtually perfect by the time the teams lined up. From a safe pole position, the Birchall brothers fended off an early challenge from Tommy Philp and Tom Bryant before getting their heads down to never really be bothered again. It was a different matter behind though, and a three-way scrap developed between Philp/Bryant, the Christie brothers Sam and Adam, and Lewis Blackstock/Paddy Rosney.

This was shaping up to be something special, and then Blackstock was out with a damaged sidecar wheel-arch, only for Tommy Philp to blow his engine one lap later. Eight laps pass very quickly, but their misfortune played into the hands of Scott Lawrie/Shelley Smithies, who moved into third and a podium place.

So, it was maximum points for Ben and Tom Birchall and an unblemished record thus far in the title chase. They posted a fastest lap less than one second outside their own lap record set in 2017.

Race 1 - Birchall/Birchall

1/ Ben/Tom Birchall (Haith Honda)
2/ Sam/Adam Christie (CES Yamaha)
3/ Scott Lawrie/Shelley Smithies (SLR Suzuki)
4/ Ben Holland/Tom Christie
5/ John Holden/Jason Pitt (Barnes Racing Adolf RS)
6/ Rupert Archer/Phil Hyde (Hannafin Adolf RS)
7/ Andy Peach/Ken Edwards (Life Safety Yamaha)
8/ Phil Bell/James Connell (Marin Motorsport Yamaha)
9/ George Holden/Oscar Lawrence (Holden Racing Suzuki)
10/ Simon Gilbert/Paul Thomas (G-Force Racing Adolf RS Yamaha).

Race Two – The reverse grid rule put Simon Gilbert/Paul Thomas on pole, with the Birchalls on row five alongside the Christie brothers. Even worse off were Tommy Philp and Tom Bryant two rows back and last crew on the grid. The first two or three laps were manic, with Phil Bell/Jimmy Connell having a good run at the front once they had made their way past Gilbert. George Holden/Oscar Lawrence were pit-lane starters once again, with loads of work ahead of them.

It took until lap four before the fast men were at the sharp end, but not before Ben Holland/Tom Christie and Rupert Archer/Phil Hyde had made their presence felt. There were five or six outfits ducking and diving at the front, with the Birchalls and Lewis Blackstock/Paddy Rosney also in the mix. Holland and Archer were to continue their fight to the flag, gaining fifth and sixth places for their efforts.

Race 2: Clarke/Ensor, Bichall/Birchall, Blackstock/Rosney, Lawrie/Smithies

Going well from row three, John Holden/Jason Pitt had overcome their earlier Adolf RS bonfire but were spun out when clipped by Gilbert. Then Simon Gilbert was out, followed three laps later by Holden.

But the charge through the field by Philp/Bryant was nothing short of sensational, and they were right at the sharp end by half-distance, challenging Blackstock, the Christies and Ben/Tom Birchall.

Philp meant business, even though by this time the Birchall brothers had a three second lead. Sadly, his day was to be ruined when he and Tom Bryant ended up in the gravel after they spun out. It was double disappointment for the Roberts Construction crew, but with Thruxton just one week away, there would be more chances.

Scott Lawrie is once again worthy of mention as he and Shelley Smithies made steady progress to eventually claim fourth place behind Blackstock/Rosney and the Christie brothers. Double wins for Ben and Tom Birchall assured their unbroken maximum points record.

Race 1: Lawrie/Smithies

1/ Birchall/Birchall
2/ Christie/Christie
3/ Blackstock/Rosney
4/ Lawrie/Smithies
5/ Holland/Christie
6/ Archer/Hyde
7/ Bell/Connell
8/ G.Holden/Lawrence
9/ Peach/Edwards
10/ Clarke/Ensor

Birchall 100
Christie 76
Lawrie 52
Blackstock 39
J.Holden 35
Archer 33
Peach 32
Holland 32
G.Holden 24
Biggs 21
Clarke 21
Bell 17
Philp 16

Round Three comes from Thruxton July 30/August 1.

Photo credits: Jenny “Triker” Wells

FIM Sidecars: Assen World SBK treated to top-class sidecar action as Schlosser extends lead

FIM Sidecars: Assen World SBK treated to top-class sidecar action as Schlosser extends lead

FIM Sidecars: Assen World SBK treated to top-class sidecar action as Schlosser extends lead

Race one action from Assen

Following the great show provided in Donington Park, the FIM Sidecar World Championship crews were determined to repeat that display at Assen. With only two points splitting the top two teams, it was all to play for as the season hit the half-way stage.

Hot but cloudy conditions greeted the free practice session for the fourteen crews making the trip. There might easily be no stopping Markus Schlosser/Marcel Fries (Gustoil Racing LCR) and they played their hands early coming out on top with a 1.43.552.

Steve Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood (Quattro Yamaha), inspired by victory in Donington were second quickest from defending Champion Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau (Bonovo Action Adolf RS Yamaha), ahead of Santander Salt’s Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clement.

A return from injury saw Benny Streuer with new passenger Jeroen Remme slot fifth with a brilliant sixth fastest for Manxman Harry Payne/Mark Wilkes. Ted Peugeot and Lukas Wyssen came next and will also be adding good points if their performance was anything to go by.

Race action from Assen

Qualifying – Again the teams met heat and humidity for the two sessions. It was immediate from the off that the top five or six crews would be competing hard in tomorrow’s eighteen lap race. The top three, Ellis, Schlosser and Reeves were split by fractions of a second, with Ellis/Clement taking pole in session two. The margin was three one-thousandths from his Swiss championship rivals Schlosser/Fries. Tim Reeves and Kevin Rousseau sat nicely third. But how many times did we see him rocket through from that position?

Markus Schlosser hit electrical problems in Q2, so was praying that issue had been resolved. Row two was completed by Pekka Paivarinta/Ilse de Haas, with Kershaw and Streuer on row three.

Race One – After a short delay, the lights went out with Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau jumping into the lead after lap one. Reeves can certainly get his Adolf RS Yamaha off the line, and this was no exception. He had almost a one second lead after the opening lap from Ellis/Clement and Schlosser/Fries. Steve Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood were on Schlosser’s tail as Ellis upped the pace to reduce the gap from race leader Reeves. Streuer, Peugeot and Paivarinta were locked together in a terrific scrap for fifth place, as the front two eased away slightly.

Next came Harry Payne/Mark Wilkes some eight seconds clear of Endeveld/Krone and Wyssen/Hofer. Todd Ellis kept the Santander Salt Yamaha in touch with the eight times champion, albeit one second adrift at the six-lap distance. Seven laps in, and it was becoming a two-horse race at the front, with Kershaw challenging Schlosser for the final podium place.

Approaching half distance and Ellis/Clement eased closer to the leader, now five seconds clear of Schlosser/Fries in third. Reeves had just one third of a second, and Ellis was stalking him every inch of the way. Now it was the Swiss crew’s turn to get closer, as Schlosser turned in three fastest laps in succession to get within two seconds of Ellis’s tail. Further down the order, Kevin Cable was having a good solid ride in eleventh fighting all the way. It really was game on, and a touch of Deja-Vu as Ellis and Schlosser piled the pressure on Reeves. Catching him would be one thing, but as Donington Park showed us, passing is another story entirely. Then Ellis was third, falling victim to a charging Markus Schlosser.

With five laps yet to go, there was still a way back for the young Anglo-French couple. Kershaw and Streuer were also moving up, having both paced themselves perfectly. Five outfits were now within three seconds of each other, and it was looking like a grandstand finish was on the cards.

With three laps to go, another fastest lap by Schlosser had him all over the back of the race leader, so the excitement was heavy in the air. Then drama – Schlosser led, having dived through on Reeves, and Ellis saw an opportunity to follow. There was then an incident between the two British crews which took Ellis out of the race into the gravel. It also cost Reeves twelve seconds dropping him to fourth. The Swiss pair marched on to extend their title lead with Ellis firmly beached, and furiously contemplating what might have been.

The shocks were not over yet. Having been awarded third, Benny Streuer was later disqualified for an infringement on the minimum weight rule. Reeves inherited third and a step on the podium.

1/ Markus Schlosser/Marcel Fries (Gustoil Yamaha LCR)
2/ Steve Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood (Quattro Yamaha)
3/ Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau (Bonovo Action Adolf RS)
4/ Ted/Vincent Peugeot (LCR Yamaha)
5/ Harry Payne/Mark Wilkes (LCR Yamaha)
6/ Rob Biggs/Jeroen Schmitz (Santander Salt Yamaha
7/ Lukas Wyssen/Thomas Hofer (LCR Yamaha)
8/ Pekka Paivarinta/Ilse de Haas (Team 44 Yamaha LCR)
9/ Kevin Cable/Kyle Masters (L&W LCR Yamaha)
10/ Luneau/Bidault
11/ Vinet/Common
12/Ellis/Clement (Santander Salt Yamaha)
13/ Endeveld/Krone


Race Two – Scheduled for late afternoon, much anticipation preceded this one. That was not without justification, because Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clement grabbed the early lead, thereby depriving Tim Reeves the chance of early supremacy. He was in third place on lap two, with Pekka Paivarinta/Ilse de Haas between him and the race leader.

Again, it was shaping up, even in the early stages into a battle royal between the big guns. Schlosser and Kershaw were having their own scrap for fourth place, just three seconds off the lead, so there was already a freight-train at the front. Lap four and eight-times champion Reeves was past Paivarinta and one second behind Ellis the race leader. Any overtaking move would need to be carefully thought through, but Ellis had other ideas.

Schlosser was now third and this was where the real battle would shape up. Kershaw, Biggs, Streuer and Harry Payne were all in the mix scrapping for fifth place. Lap seven and Reeves had made the move by Ellis and set about consolidating it. At this moment in time, Schlosser/Fries were the fastest on track and drawing ever closer to the front.

Rob Biggs and Jeroen Schmitz were having a very good ride in sixth, ahead of Peugeot and Payne, just as their team-mate Ellis was passed by Schlosser on lap ten.

Reeves/Rousseau were in sparkling form and began to eke out a small margin, but at two- thirds race distance there was plenty of time ahead.

It now really was a fifteen-wheeler as Paivarinta and Kershaw joined the party. Ellis then looked to be in trouble as he dropped down the order to fifth. A small mistake cost him dear as Kershaw moved up.

He regained his composer, moving back to fourth as the battle at the front became a two- horse affair between Reeves and Schlosser. Next man to fall to a recovering Ellis was the four-times Champion Paivarinta. Then suddenly, Reeves/Rousseau were sliding back down the table with a mechanical problem. They were not to make the finish, suspecting an electrical fault. Ellis now had three laps to find over a second if he were to make it to the front. Rob Biggs was now a fine fifth, with Kershaw desperate to get past Paivarinta.

This he managed to do, going third on lap sixteen of eighteen. Into the final lap and Ellis had halved the gap to Schlosser, but it was a big ask to find as much again.

That proved to be the case, and the Swiss team extended their title lead even more with victory over Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clement with Kershaw/Charlwood on the final podium step.


 Ellis / Clement

1/ Schlosser/Fries
2/ Ellis/Clement
3/ Kershaw/Charlwood
4/ Paivarinta/de Haas
5/ Biggs/Schmitz
6/ Peugeot/Peugeot
7/ Payne/Wilkes
8/ Wyssen/Hofer
9/ Endeveld/Krone
10/ Cable/Masters

Schlosser 165
Ellis 133
Paivarinta 113
Kershaw 96
Reeves 85,
Wyssen 58
Peugeot 45
Endeveld 41
Payne 36
Biggs 30
Sattler 26
Cable 24
Vinet 20
Christie 20
Blackstock 20

The next round is from Croatia August 20-22nd.

Photo credits: Mark ‘Wally’ Walters

British F1: All eyes on Cadwell Sidecar Revival August 6-8th

British F1: All eyes on Cadwell Sidecar Revival August 6-8th

British F1: All eyes on Cadwell Sidecar Revival August 6-8th

Andy Peach and Ken Edwards

After an enforced year away, the highly successful Cadwell Park Sidecar Revival returns over the weekend of August 6-8th. With all Covid related restrictions lifted, we can expect a strong turnout and a bumper crowd of sidecar and classic racing enthusiasts to descend on the picturesque Lincolnshire venue.

With rounds of the FSRA F2 Championship and the Molson Group F1 series on the race card, there can be no doubt as to the expected level of racing. There are also championship rounds for the FSRA Wintec pre-injection and the thundering Camathias Cup outfits. BMCRC and RKB Club teams and BHR Bears are not forgotten, with races for them also on the programme.

Add to all those, the GP legend two-stroke solos and the DFDS Yamaha Past Masters which made such an impression last time out, plus the historic and classic sidecars, and the array of machinery will be truly spectacular. Negotiations are currently taking place to secure as many former World Champions and other great names from the glory days of our sport.

To that end, we are appealing for all classic and historic racing sidecars to support the event and join us for what we know will be a great weekend. Work continues apace to build the support class entries, and entries can be submitted through the Bemsee entry mechanism ( as they are in effect hosting the event on our behalf as before.

Esteemed and legendary commentator Fred Clarke will also be exuding enthusiasm and knowledge over the public address system keeping us all abreast of the main classes.

We are also negotiating with our regular TV production house to produce footage and interviews for the various websites and our YouTube Channel.

Finally, if that’s not enough to wear you out, there will be a live band to dance to with a well-stocked bar to keep you smiling!!

So, if you wish to be part of this spectacle, fettle your modern, classic or historic sidecar and get your entry in.

We’ll see you there.

FIM Sidecars: Assen World Superbike embraces round four 23-25th July

FIM Sidecars: Assen World Superbike embraces round four 23-25th July

FIM Sidecars: Assen World Superbike embraces round four 23-25th July

Reeves/Rousseau and Schlosser/Fries

For the second time in a matter of weeks, The FIM Sidecar World Championship runs alongside the World SBK series. The venue this time being the famous “Cathedral of Speed” Assen circuit in Holland where there is an almost fanatical support for the “Zijspan” class. The tradition of sidecar racing in The Netherlands goes back a long way with Egbert Streuer and Bernard Schnieders winning three consecutive titles in the eighties.

Assen brings the 2021 championship chase to the half-way stage, with a young Briton and his French lady passenger perfectly poised to take the series lead.

Todd Ellis and Emmanuelle Clement (Santander Salt Yamaha) took a debut win at the previous Donington Park round moving them to within two points of series leaders Markus Schlosser/Marcel Fries. The pair have combined well in this, Ellis’s first world championship season.

Schlosser had a mechanical failure on the warm-up lap for race two Donington, which sent him for an early bath and zero points. His speed, however, is undeniable and he will be a hard nut to crack at Assen. Veteran Finn and four-times champion Pekka Paivarinta/Ilse de Haas sit third ahead of Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau (Bonovo Action Yamaha).

The seven-times champion has not had the best start to his season with a couple of mechanical issues, but freely admits the new level of competition and close racing is exactly what the sport needs. We certainly had that at Donington Park when eventual race two winners Steve Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood scrapped throughout with Ellis and Reeves, capitalising on their fight, to take victory and move fifth in the chase.

The Lauder based pair had not shown their true colours for mechanical reasons, but now they have well and truly arrived. Rob Biggs and Jeroen Schmitz make an opening appearance at this the home race for Biggs passenger. They are forsaking the chance to claim points in the Molson Group series, to complete the Santander Salt line-up in Holland with a real chance of good points.

From the Isle of Man come Harry Payne and Mark Wilkes. They showed a remarkable turn of speed last time out, and with the reigning world champion passenger alongside, Payne is inspired. The sixth British crew making the trip to Holland is Kevin Cable and Kyle Masters, who are thoroughly enjoying their foray onto the world stage. They have scored valuable points already, with high hopes of more to come.

The clash with Brands Hatch British Superbikes means that whilst these teams are fighting for world honours, the British Championship gathers momentum in Kent.

British F1: Birchalls hold the ace cards heading for Brands Hatch – Round Two 23-25th July

British F1: Birchalls hold the ace cards heading for Brands Hatch – Round Two 23-25th July

British F1: Birchalls hold the ace cards heading for Brands Hatch – Round Two 23-25th July

Ben and Tom Birchall

The 2021 sidecar season is well and truly alive after a stunning opening round at Oulton Park in which Ben and Tom Birchall claimed maximum points on their new Haith/Birchall Racing Honda. Since then, they enjoyed a weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed taking the new bike up the famous hill.

The FIM World Championship is also well underway and there is another round this weekend in Assen. Once again, expect even closer racing on the Brands GP Circuit as a result, because two or three top-flight crews will be absent from Kent as they chase World honours.

Second place in the title chase heading for Brands is another brotherly pair.

Sam and Adam Christie from Beverley (Christie Engineering Services Yamaha) had two podiums in Cheshire and trail the Birchalls by fourteen points. Third place in the standings is TT star John Holden (Barnes Racing), with new passenger Jason Pitt who in turn are just one point clear of gritty Scott Lawrie and his lady passenger Shelley Smithies. Rob Biggs and Jeroen Schmitz ran well at Oulton Park and sit fifth on the Santander Salt Yamaha, with Lewis Blackstock/Paddy Rosney desperate to make amends for a DNF and only one score in Cheshire.

Then there is the usual strong body of crews further down the field, some of whom are Brands Hatch specialists. Watch out for Andy Peach and Ken Edwards in this regard. Young talent comes in the form of Tommy Philp/Tom Bryant, fresh from a fourth-place finish in the recent Donington Park World round, and George Holden/Oscar Lawrence still finding their feet, but looking good.

Other new names who could well feature include former F2 stars Simon Robinson and Mick Fairhurst, who sadly had a race two mechanical problem after a brilliant Oulton opener. New to the scene from the world of two and four wheels, come Craig Currie/Justin Sharp. Tenth place in the standings after round one from your very first effort is decidedly impressive. They run under the Birchall Racing banner, and there is clearly more to come from them.

The world of sidecar racing is getting stronger by the day, and there is huge interest from spectators both trackside and television viewers. The renaissance of the sport is on all levels, and Brands will provide yet more stunning action and colourful entertainment.

FIM Sidecars: Ellis/Clement and Kershaw/Charlwood on top of the podium

FIM Sidecars: Ellis/Clement and Kershaw/Charlwood on top of the podium

FIM Sidecars: Ellis/Clement and Kershaw/Charlwood on top of the podium

Podium winners at Donington Park

For the first time in years, the sidecars shared the stage with World Superbikes, and although Covid protocols made integration across the paddock difficult, the sense of occasion was palpable. The Donington Park track was in fine fettle, and weather perfect for free practice. The top crews in the title chase were all in action, with a good contingent of British regulars giving them food for thought.

Tim Reeves and Kevin Rousseau were philosophical about the Hungary disqualification, and determined to put it behind them with a strong performance here on home-ground.

Qualifying – In sunny humid temperatures, one whole hour in two chunks was a luxurious amount of time to claim pole position, but as always, the fast times came later in the opening session.

Early running took Reeves/Rousseau (Bonovo Action Yamaha) into provisional pole, as the rest of the field settled in. It was not the first time at Donington for Todd Ellis’s female passenger. She had already done a club meeting here and knew her way round. That almost certainly helped her partner Ellis’s Santander Salt Yamaha to the fastest time later in the session. Also going well were Lewis/Paddy Rosney who chased Markus Schlosser home in fourth. Next up were Kershaw/Charlwood from the Christie brothers and Biggs/Schmitz. Pekka Paivarinta/Ilse de Haas were eighth fastest almost two seconds back from pole time.

Session two, late in the day saw track and ambient temperature both high, with everything to play for. Todd Ellis went straight in with a sub-lap record time, sending a strong message to the field.

Tim Reeves put in a far greater number of laps than his young rival but seemed unable to better his time of 1.36.820. Paivarinta moved sixth, but few others improved from the opening session. Ellis, however, was the exception to the rule, as he and Emmanuelle Clement claimed pole late on with a time of 1.36.479.

Race One –

The weather had changed completely overnight, and race-day dawned wet and cool. The rain at times was torrential, but things had improved considerably by the time the sidecars came to the line.

Tim Reeves and Kevin Rousseau made a great start to steal the lead over polesitters Ellis/Clement. The seven-times champion looked to be in great form as he stormed off round the opening lap. In the shuffle for Redgate, Tommy Philp/Tom Bryant had a coming together with Steve Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood damaging the sidecar wheel arch on Philp’s outfit, and ripping out the valve of the Kershaw’s rear wheel leaving him deflated. They lost two laps finding and fitting a replacement wheel but finished in twelfth place to score points. Philp was not so lucky and retired anyway as a result.

At the front, Reeves and Ellis were line astern in close company until Reeves and Rousseau got it slightly wrong going into the left bend at the top of Craner, causing the outfit to head straight onto the grass. Tim later suggested the exit from pitlane by Steve Kershaw as he re-joined the action was an untimely judgement by race direction, causing Tim to choose a different line out of Redgate. He and Kevin re-joined down in sixth place with work to do. This episode gave Ellis a four second margin he was not about to squander. There was no doubting the speed of Reeves and Rousseau as they set about making amends.

Behind Ellis/Clement, series leaders Schlosser and Fries were in a race-long tussle with Pekka Paivarinta/Ilse de Haas, and despite Tim Reeves recovering to set fastest lap, he could only manage to climb back to fourth. The strength further down the field was excellent with Sam/Adam Christie enjoying a brilliant battle with Lewis Blackstock/Paddy Rosney ahead of Santander Salt’s Rob Biggs/Jeroen Schmitz and Harry Payne/Mark Wilkes. John Holden and Jason Pitt were also early retirees, with John’s son George and Oscar Lawrence claiming ninth place. This result was off the back of a good seventh in the British Championship just one week ago. The future looks bright for Holden Junior and Oscar Lawrence. Rupert Archer and Kevin Cable were the next two finishers ahead of Kershaw/Charlwood.


Race One Result –
1/ Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clement (Santander Salt Yamaha)
2/ Markus Schlosser/Marcel Fries (Gustoil LCR Yamaha)
3/ Pekka Paivarinta/Ilse de Haas (Team 44 Racing Yamaha)
4/ Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau (Bonovo Action Yamaha
5/ Sam/Adam Christie (CES Yamaha),
6/ Lewis Blackstock/Paddy Rosney (Dave Holden Racing Yamaha)
7/ Rob Biggs/Jeroen Schmitz (Santander Salt Yamaha)
8/ Harry Payne/Mark Wilkes (LCR Yamaha)
9/ George Holden/Oscar Lawrence (LCR Suzuki)
10/ Rupert Archer/Phil Hyde (Hannafin RS Yamaha).

Race Two –

There was more uncertainty weatherwise with wind arriving and showers possible later in the race. There were already spots of rain in the air as the grid formed. It was made up as before from qualifying, so Kershaw needed to stay out of trouble this time. Ellis was back on pole position from Reeves and Schlosser. After a short delay, the race was declared a dry race with two warm-up laps and a seventeen-lap affair. Poor Schlosser blew a new engine on the warm-up lap, so his day was done.

Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau led after lap one with Kershaw/Charlwood getting a flyer in second place ahead of Blackstock/Rosney and race one winners Ellis/Clement.

Ellis moved third on lap three with Blackstock and Tommy Philp in close formation behind. Then came Paivarinta and Harry Payne/Mark Wilkes. Kershaw set the fastest lap so far on lap four, closing the gap on Reeves.

Lap five and Ellis was in second place just as Paivarinta moved up into fifth ahead of Philp/Bryant. Fastest lap then went to Todd Ellis as he closed in on the race leaders. Eighth place was held by the Christie brothers ahead of the Holdens John and George respectively.

Half distance and Reeves’s lead over Ellis was slashed to half a second as Paivarinta moved fourth past Blackstock/Rosney.

Kershaw/Charlwood were doing a brilliant job in third and looked in the hunt. It was always known they could deliver, and this was looking good. This trio were almost tied together as they each searched for the advantage.

Ellis’s best time was almost half a second faster than that of the race leader, so he had a bit to play with.

Philp and Bryant were having a storming ride in fifth and looking good for eleven points behind the flying Finn Paivarinta. He actually went one better at the flag. With two laps to go, the top three were ten seconds clear of Paivarinta with Reeves and Ellis almost on the same bit of tarmac.

Penultimate lap and Ellis was within one tenth looking menacing. To get by the seven-times champion would be no mean feat, so he had to stay cool.

Last lap and it was all to play for. Amazingly, with Reeves and Ellis scrapping hard on the final lap, there was some contact, but it was all in a day’s work. At the flag, it was a delighted Steve Kershaw and Ryan Charlwood who stole victory.

Race Two Result –
1/ Steve Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood (Quattro Yamaha)
2/ Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau (Bonovo Action Yamaha)
3/ Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clement (Santander Salt Yamaha)
4/ Tommy Philp/Tom Bryant (LCR Yamaha)
5/ Pekka Paivarinta/Ilse de Haas (Team 44 Yamaha)
6/ Lewis Blackstock/Paddy Rosney (LCR Yamaha)
7/ Sam/Adam Christie (CES Yamaha)
8/ Harry Payne/Tom Bryant (LCR Yamaha)
9/ John Holden/Jason Pitt (Barnes/Silicone Racing
10/ Rupert Archer/Phil Hyde (Hannafin Adolf RS)

Championship Standings –
Schlosser 115
Ellis 113
Paivarinta 92
Reeves 69
Kershaw 60
Wyssen 41
Endeveld 34
Sattler 26
Peugeot 22
Blackstock 20
Christie 20
Kimeswenger 18
Payne 16
Archer 12
Cable 11

The next round is from The Cathedral of Speed, Assen WorldSBK July 23-25.

Photos – Mark Walters

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