Molson Group British F1 Sidecar Championship

British F1 Riders and Teams (2020)

(2021 teams to be confirmed)

Barnes Racing

Holden / Lowther

Life Safety Motorsport

Peach / Edwards

Taurus Tools

Biggs  / Schmitz

Santander Salt

Ellis / Richardson

Bryan Gray Powerbiking Team

Gray  / Cole

TAG Racing Yamaha

Walker  / Hawes

TSR Racing

Nicholls / Mahl

Birchall Racing

Birchall / Birchall

City Lifting / Centurion Packaging

Clarke / Anderson

Bell Racing / Marin Motorsport

Bell / Connell

HCR Racing

Crowe / Crowe

AMR Sidecar Team

MacLaurin / Hope

Kershaw Racing

Kershaw / Charlwood


Christie Engineering Services

Christie / Christie

Team Founds

Founds / TBC

Draper Racing

Gilbert / Thomas

Philp Racing

Philp / Bryant

MK Racing

Kirk / Smithies

Quattro Plant JG Speedfit Kawasaki

Holland / Pilmoor-Brady

Hannafin Contractors

Archer / Chandler

Trustland Constr / Rowtec Eng

Founds / Walmsley

CKJ Racing Team

Hauxwell / Taylor

H&K Racing

Hildige / TBC

Silicone Barnes Racing

Blackstock / Rosney

Quattro Plant JG Speedfit Kawasaki

Stevens / Allum

Cable Racing / L&W Contractors

Cable / Masters

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