FIM Sidecars: Four short weeks and we will all be in Le Mans

by | Mar 10, 2022 | FIM Sidecar World Championship

Todd Ellis

Suddenly the new FIM Sidecar World Championship is almost here with the opening round scheduled over the weekend of 14-16 April in Le Mans.

2021 saw an exceptionally close five-way battle, possibly the tightest for years. All bets are off for 2022 because those hungry young guns are back, whilst the old guard, including the reigning and former champions, are all determined to retain or reclaim the title.

Reputations are at stake, crowns are there to be knocked off, and new names are lining up to become part of sidecar racing history.

It is stimulating and inspiring to see the element of competition so strong in a sport which in recent years has been somewhat in the shadows.

An eight-round championship in as many different countries promises the most ambitious and varied season for years. Align that to the world-famous circuits involved, many of them Grand Prix venues and the fact that four rounds are alongside FIM World Championship premier events, and it is clear to see how far the championship has come since Roger Body and his RKB-F1 Motorsport team became promoters in 2020.

It is vital we maximise entries for the new season. Strong grids featured towards the close of 2021 and we are keen to continue that momentum.

Television coverage will be enhanced for the new season, with highlights shows under discussion for each round.

The on-line entry portal is open, so with a matter of a few weeks remaining, we urge all interested and competitive teams to visit the website at

Photo credits: Mark ‘Wally’ Walters

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