FIM Sidecars – Pannoniaring in Hungary in one week for Ellis and Clement

by | Jun 12, 2022 | FIM Sidecar World Championship

Race action from Hungary

Off the back of their first double victory in World Championship racing, the young series leaders head for Hungary to defend and hopefully extend their fourteen-point lead. June 17-19 is the date for this fourth-round clash with a British Championship event in Knockhill, Scotland.

Certain teams will have a difficult decision to make. One thing is for sure, all the top crews in the hunt will be making the trip.

Markus Schlosser and Marcel Fries will doubtless have a clear mission, that being to arrest the charge by the last year’s runners-up.

Schlosser / Fries

Steve Kershaw and Ryan Charlwood have replaced Tim Reeves and Kevin Rousseau in third place, having visited the podium in Spa with the Quattro Yamaha.

Totally impressive were Swiss Gustoil team-mates to Schlosser, Lukas Wyssen and Thomas Hofer. They spent the entire weekend in Belgium locked in a battle with the nineteen-year-old Ted Peugeot and his father Vincent. For this French team to miss any future rounds due to financial constraints would be nothing short of a tragedy, and we all hope they continue their brilliant season in Hungary.

Benny Streuer and Kevin Kolsch were very fast in Belgium, and coming from a shaky start to the season, find themselves in sixth place ahead of Peugeot. Kevin Cable and Charlie Richardson must be shaking themselves after a stunning performance in Spa. They are in eighth with the L&W Yamaha. This is an incredible feat and one which they should be proud of.

Action from Pannoniaring 2021

It is to be hoped that Harry Payne/Mark Wilkes will appear after their TT debut and resume the challenge of regaining lost ground.

The intrepid TV crew will once again capture the action, with lots of on-board and detailed footage for screening through the agreed TV contracts.

Photo credit: Mark ‘Wally’ Walters

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