FIM Sidecars to get global exposure in new deal

by | May 8, 2022 | FIM Sidecar World Championship

Race action from Le Mans

RKB-F1 Motorsport is delighted to bring some exciting news to fans and lovers of Grand Prix Sidecar racing worldwide.

Each round of the 2022 FIM Sidecar World Championship will have a half-hour TV show filmed and produced by a dedicated crew and aired across the globe through a variety of channels.

TV exposure is key to the growth and awareness of any sport. It broadens the fan-base and attracts new audiences. It stimulates sponsorship opportunities and opens doors. Sidecar racing is one sport which has suffered historically from a lack of exposure and general understanding. That has turned it into something of a niche sport.

However, if you put that out there for all to see, suddenly the awareness will come. The spectacle of two people climbing all over what resembles a three-wheeled Formula One car, at speeds approaching 150 miles per hour, is something which defies belief.

Put twenty of these missiles together on a track, and things become very interesting indeed.

That is the thinking behind a new arrangement struck with PCG TV (Performance Communication Group) which will significantly increase that exposure. Details of TV distribution already agreed is as listed below.

Main UK broadcaster will be Freesport, secondary broadcaster (4 x weeks later) Sporty Stuff and Ayozat (both Sky channels).
Motorvision TV showing in circa 100 countries (Europe/Asia/Africa)
More than Sports free to air in Germany
MotoRRacing showing in UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland on Samsung TV Plus
MotoRRacing worldwide through Distro TV with 99% viewers in US
MotoRRacing showing Indonesia with LongTV and Transvision

PCG TV continue to work on our behalf to add to this already impressive list of broadcasters. Our sport should now reach more homes than ever before.

Photo credit: Mark ‘Wally’ Walters

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